IDL is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all practitioners (employees) and service users (children 16+ and young adults) and our visitors. 

We have spent time in thinking about this current pandemic we all find ourselves in and how best we can demonstrate and adhere to the UK Government’s guidance.

We believe it is each and everyone of our responsibilities to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease. It is our social responsibility to adhere to the UK Government and IDL’s Directive Policy to ensure our service users and practitioner team remain healthy and safe during this pandemic period.

We have made a commitment to investing in our PPE and ensuring we have the required equipment and materials to keep everyone one safe and healthy. And our practitioner team is supported through effective training in Coronavirus Disease Infection Control and support with their well-being due to our times being different and changed. 

We have effective, responsive and well-led internal tracking and trace systems in place within our organisation for Coronavirus Disease.  

We continue to make changes and respond to the UK Government and NHS England Guidelines to comply and we are committed to getting this right and we will upload our documents to reflect this and make the necessary changes.

Covid-19 Directive Policy
Covid-19 Response Plan