We would like to tell you of our recent development of IDL’s progress into providing an Educational Day Centre for its own service users and those that live within the community in other settings or at home. This is an exciting and significant development and we have invested in a educational focused environment and expect those service users who attend to learn, develop and achieve also have fun. We have our very our state of the art IDL Sensory room.

We have qualified and experienced practitioner team that have been fully trained to the highest standard and we are now opening our own Educational Day Centre to every young people and young adults with learning difficulties, Autism and mental health are finding it challenging to cope in the big wide world. 

We have a unique environment at Kelleher House where our Educational Day Centre is based. It allows us to offer a safe, caring and educational focused environment for our service users. We create space for them to learn, develop and have a sense of achievement. 

We have found that some of the young people are not given the chance to do something for themselves however big or small. We believe that they need support and guidance in discovering what they would want to do in life by giving them the right opportunities to achieve their goals through their own abilities and determination.

Our learning programmes and activities are focused on discovering and cultivating skills and talents. We would help them find their uniqueness, express their creativity and use it for greater purpose.

This Educational centre will go beyond learning as we aim to teach young people the wisdom towards right and wrong and the important life skills which they needed in progressing into adulthood stage.  

We have opened this centre with the sole purpose to encourage and maintain their independence by enabling them to work on a minimal support, where they could feel motivated, empowered and take pride of themselves. 

We will be following the ASDAN programme that award certificates of completion as they do their learning. We are a registered ASDAN Centre.

We will be open Monday to Friday from 09:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs and Saturday from 10:00-16:00. The maximum capacity of the centre is able have 44 service users per day. 

The level of supervision will depend on the service user’s needs, whether they require a one to one supervision or if they are low risk, they will be grouped to a maximum of five.

We support the idea that each person matters and everyone can make great contributions to the society. 

Educational courses we are offering

We think everyone should have access to education and be supported to learn, develop, and achieve. 

We offer Mathematics and English at a standard level. The next level is Functional Skills up to GCSE level for those who are more able.

We also offer ASDAN programme for all our service users for them to be working towards an award whilst with us at IDL Educational Day Centre.

We are committed to providing person-centred focused learning and education.

Examples of Educational programmes offered within our ASDAN programme are; 

  • Foodwise
  • Gardening 
  • Living Independently 
  • Life Skills, 
  • Preparing for Adulthood, 
  • Road wise, 
  • Sex and relationships, 
  • Towards Independence, 
  • Volunteering, 
  • Citizenship, 
  • Enterprise, 
  • Beliefs and values, and many more.

 Programmes + Activities we are offering

There will be workshops on health and hygiene, healthy eating classes, writing up CVs, sex education, staying safe at home (talks will be run by Police and fire services).

Some Activities we do are; Arts and Crafts, sewing, knitting, pottery and clay design computer use and learning skills, Cooking lessons, Sensory Room, Community activities, Swimming, and many more.

We will organise day trips, sports activities, and other special events.

We individually assess each service user to identify their needs and offer our service in accordance to their need and abilities, being person-centred focused service, we evidence progress through the service.  

IDL Sensory Room

We have a unique environment and space for a multifunctional sensory room that provides flexible space for our service users to relax whether that is as simple as listening to their favourite music with the lights on colour scroll or watching a movie.

We have high technology set up within this therapeutic space. It has Borealis Tube which has 16 dancing light sequences. The colour and speed are controlled by the user to set the mood and ambience.  The media system will be very flexible allowing you to link any phone or tablet device to activate your chosen visuals or sounds. This is a safe and unique space for our service users to help manage their emotions and behaviours – helping them to relax and stay calm.

Admissions Statement 

We at IDL Educational Day Centre is a specialist service that admits those learners with Social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours (SEMH). The majority have Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCP’s) and almost all have had adverse childhood experiences. 

The specific admissions criteria:

  • Both Male and Female genders and those who are non-binary 
  • 16+ age 
  • Social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours (SEMH)
  • Those with a Learning disabilities and ASD and challenging behaviours 

Individual Therapeutic Educational, Care and Support Plan

We will be offering individual therapeutic educational, care and support plans for all our service users. It will have a clear plan of aims and targets set for each service user by which we will consider their own unique abilities and likes. A clear individual person-centred plan will be put in place to meet each service users’ educational needs, learning and life skills needs.

Where we are

IDL Educational Day Centre is located at Kelleher House, Second Avenue, Industrial Estate, Chatham, Kent ME4 5AU.

Management of the Educational Day Centre

Kathleen Colclough – Service Manager
Vacant – Educational Day Centre Manager
Karren Martin – Deputy Manager / Safeguarding Deputy Officer
Nicola Ford – Senior Practitioner
Vacant – Senior Practitioner
8 Vacancies – Practitioners
Vacant – Administrator 

Our Commitment 

We are committed to promoting positive outcomes for our service users who come and use our service, and ensuring targets set are realistic and achievable within each service users Individual Therapeutic Educational, Care and Support Plan.

We are committed to the safety of our practitioner team and service users by providing a safe working environment by adhering to all the required health and safety procedures. The building is kept to a high standard and is clean and compliant to the governments guidance on day centres within the pandemic (Coronavirus).    

Contact Us

Contact us and speak to one of our practitioners
Tel #: 01634 493 2289