Semi-Independence Training

We offer a high quality, comprehensive and dynamical life skills program that provides young people with the skills that they need to lead them towards a brighter future. Our program can last from 6 months up to 2 years within one of our semi-independence projects depending on each young person’s needs and abilities. We can develop a tailored program for each young person to meet his or her individual needs and abilities.

There is also an option to move into a Training Flat, which enables the young adult to demonstrate their ability to manage their life through what they have learned within our semi-independence program. This we feel is significantly important, because when the young adults achieve and succeed within our program they are less likely to become homeless and will have the skills to survive and participate in society and become good citizens.

Our Independence Life Skills Development Program covers practical, theory and interactive life skills essential for young people leaving care and entering into society. We intend to make a significant change in the lives of all the young people that come to our projects and equip them for the skills of life in our difficult and ever changing society.

Some of the modules of our program are: Budgeting, Shopping/Meal Planning, Personal Hygiene, Debt Management, Keeping Appointments, Motivation & Determination, Respect & Responsibility, Citizenship, Role models, and Psychological Development & Well-Being.

Activities include group excursions, day trips, cooking classes, first aid courses, IT short courses, music classes, and many more.

Our team has over 18 years of experience, is trained in the social care sector and can provide the support that our service users need and require.

Our service and practice is of a high standard of quality, the service and practice follows the framework of the National Minimum Standards: Children’s Homes Regulations and The Supporting People Quality Assurance Framework as far as possible.  The Children’s Act 2004, Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 and Children & Young Persons Act 2008, and Every Child Matters and its five identified outcomes.  Although current legislation and regulations do not cover supported living, we have in place the appropriate policies and procedures and as an organization we recognises the importance of working within a quality framework that provides a useful benchmark for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

We are aware that relevant regulations change on a regular basis, and are fully prepared to comply with any legislation to ensure that we comply and are able to provide young people with a safe place to live.

At each project each young person is expected to abide by the projects rules, respect those around them and ensure their conduct is appropriate towards other people.  Young people are encouraged to use the Independence-Development Ltd complaints procedure if they are dissatisfied with the accommodation or service provided.

The Directors and Project Manager of Independence-Development Ltd are responsible for the day to day running of the services including the allocation of accommodation. They report to the placing body.

One-Two-One Support

We offer one-two-one support packages to support each young person who joins our program.

Emergency Placements

We are able to offer emergency placements to young people aged 16+, referrals can be considered on the same day.

Please contact us by telephone to discuss urgent referrals.

Identity Work

Members of our team have worked with a wide range of issues around identity, especially with mixed-race young people who need support with their identity.  We have worked through issues of identity confusion and given them a greater understanding of themselves, both privately (who they are) and in public (how others see them), and this has improved their psychological well-being and their identity.


We have access to a qualified teacher who can provide the national curriculum for GCSE and BTEC qualifications.  This option is available at your request.

Counselling / Therapy

We have access to a qualified children’s counsellor, who is available for young people who feel that they may find this service helpful for any issues they are struggling with.


We offer consultancy in the following areas by our qualified Psychologist:

Psychological Assessments

We can provide psychological assessments for clients; we are able to carry this out within our placements or within the young person’s present placement.

Behavioural Management and Assessments

We provide consultancy for managing and dealing with challenging behaviours and can also provide assessments.

The Importance of Boundaries with Children and Young People

We provide training in boundaries. We discuss why we have boundaries, what they do and why they are important to both children and the adults working with them.

We are aiming to increase and develop our range of training programs. Contact us to discuss your needs.